The particularities of betting on wrestling

The particularities of betting on wrestling The particularities of betting on wrestling The particularities of betting on wrestling

The particularities of betting on wrestling

Betting is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The industry has grown in volume. Millions of gamesters pay special attention to sports gambling. Among the most crucial and gainful disciplines is wrestling. This fighting art hides many particularities, let’s figure them out.

The general rules of wrestling to know

As wrestling is a combination of sports and staged shows at the same time, in which all the actions of opponents are stipulated in advance, the specific rules are here.
One of the main features of wrestling is the minimum number of established regulations. Since this type of “sport” is staged, it combines various techniques from many types of martial arts. In this regard, it has established rules from Greco-Roman wrestling.
Also, restrictions may be based on the safety of the fighter’s health and television regulations when shown in a certain region. This has to do with the use of various acrobatic stunts and improvised weapons in fights.
The regs also include viewer safety, as the fight often goes to spectator seats.
By the way, it’s funny to mention, but the show may include the most unexpected staged and theatrical elements. Each of the participants in the show have their own scripted roles.

Betting on wrestling: the win conditions to be aware of

Here the simple, ordinary system is applied – only two occasions may happen. The bouts are classified into the following types:

  1. one-on-one;
  2. team fight.

The conditions of winning depend on the type of fight chosen by the organizers. But the champion is always alone or there is no champion at all. ‘Big bosses’ often stipulate victory conditions individually for each event.

What does such a battle consist of? Is it crucial for betting?

As almost all the regulations are common, the show usually includes:

  • the preliminary preparation;
  • the solemn entrance of each of the participants (teams) in the hall;
  • the fight itself;
  • the post-meeting activities during which a belt (title) or other prize is awarded.

Usually a serious event is preceded by a verbal bickering between the athletes, which forms the plot of the future show and warms up the audience.
However, the battle can be quite varied. One on one, or team on team. There are options when several (more than two) sportsmen enter the ring and in the course of their overall clash one winner is determined. There may be one against several, wrestlers of different genders (sex), etc.

How is the winner determined in wrestling?

There are nominal rules for determining the “winner”, after which the meeting is stopped:

  1. (pinning) touching the surface of the ring with the blades for more than 3 seconds (according to some rules 5 seconds);
  2. forcing the opponent to submit;
  3. disqualification due to unacceptable behavior or violation of the rules;
  4. etc.

Among the common victory conditions are:

  • awarding victory to the athlete who holds his opponent on his shoulder blades during the referee’s count of three;

awarding the victory to the opponent of the fighter who is out of the ring more than the agreed time:

  • awarding of victory to a fighter who used a painful hold, which resulted in the surrender of the opponent;
  • awarding a victory to a sportsman in case of disqualification of the opponent according to the rules;

knockout of the rival:

  • group victory in case one fighter wins over an opponent;
  • winning when receiving an object over the ring in a ladder match;
  • getting victory in “king sparring” if all members of the opposing team are thrown into the audience over the upper limit.

To sum up: why are these details important for betting?

Every trifle is crucial to bet correctly, but here we are talking about the basics. If you don’t know the general rules and conditions of the sport, you have almost no chance to gain on it. So study, bet and profit.