Complex review on wrestling betting

Wrestling is a theatrical sports performance depicting fights that combine martial arts, acting, and athletic skills.
All the course of the fights is based on the scripts, written by different promotions, each with its own show. The productions play out the titles of champions and determine the challengers. To make the spectacle appeal more to the audience, behind-the-scenes questions are decided in the ring. By the way, it can be anything: from arguing
between best friends to a husband’s dispute with his wife. On the one hand – it’s funny and dumb sometimes, but on the other hand, such events do gather thousands of fans.

What is wrestling about?

Actually, wrestling betting is not so easy. Because of the demand of staginess and the prescribed plot, to predict the winner is problematic. Wrestlers do not really fight for the title of the strongest one, they do their job, for which they are well paid.
As the game is usually cruel, fighters are often injured. Fatalities have been known, though lots of them have died from drug or pain medication overdoses rather than from injuries. Athletes take punches and execute holds every day, so almost no one in the business is without drugs and pain threshold reducing agents.

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Every day there is a wrestling show somewhere in the world that draws crowds of spectators. Fans don’t care that it’s not real. They come to see their favorite stars as fans of athletes, because it is definitely worth paying attention to.

What are the crucial tournaments for wrestling betting?

Such competitions are held all around the world, but the most popular promotion is World Wrestling Entertainment. This platform are divided into two categories:

  1. basic;
    The tournaments feature established stars. This category includes 4 Raw brand titles, 4 SmackDown titles and one inter-brand and one inter-gender each.
  2. preparatory.
    These events are held under the NXT brand, a training league, the best fighters from which make it to the main category – Raw and SmackDown. There are fights for 8 titles – 4 NXT, 3 NXT UK and one 205 Live (welterweight).

But to know the categories is not enough. The winners of these titles are determined by the competition:

  • Wrestlemania;
    An annual show that takes place in the spring. It regularly features stars from the world of show business, further fueling interest in the competition. Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Fred Durst and even Donald Trump have at various times become participants in the tournament.
  • Royal Rumble;
    January’s tournament is considered the most important winter confrontation of the season. It features up to 50 wrestlers who take turns appearing in the ring. A new fighter comes out every minute and a half. To knock out a wrestler, you have to throw him out over the top rope. The last one left behind becomes the winner of the battle royal and earns the right to fight for the main title at Wrestlemania.
  • SummerSlam;
    A summer competition that has been held since 1988. It is considered the second-third most important tournament after the previous ones.
  • Survivor Series.
    A fall tournament where the champion in both singles and team categories is specified.

What are the common types of wrestling bets?

The main types of betting on wrestling, created for entertainment, attracts a certain audience of gamesters. Someone seeks to make money, and other capsers are interested in watching the competition, and betting fuels this interest.
Of course, bookmakers are not replete with a variety of lines, as this kind of combining sports and entertainment, has not yet gained such popularity, but is close to.

So usually you are free to gamble on:

  • the victory of one of the athletes;
  • the victory of a particular sportsman in a tournament (consists of several competitions);
  • the defeat in a tournament (the punter stakes that the fighter will not win at the championship, intermediate results do not matter);
  • the type of victory (opponent gives up, on points, etc);
  • the forecast on whether or not there will be a knockout in a standoff;
  • the disqualification of an opponent;
  • etc.

Therefore the algorithm for betting on wrestling is quite simple. The gamester chooses a bookmaker, where stakes on the event are accepted. Next, it’s necessary to decide on a specific bet. Professional wrestlers even stick to some strategies, despite the fact that the fights are mostly staged.

Wrestling betting: special things to pay attention to

First of all, you have to follow the show regularly to understand how the duels are arranged, which athletes are considered leaders, etc. Regularities of staged fights can also be traced. A gamester should examine the news constantly, which also influences the balance of power. It’s better to look for suitable resources in American sites.
By the way, you can try to predict the further development of events. Study the signals of the fighters, viewers, organizers, look at the statistics of the competitions. Even staged wrestling has its own logic, and it’s important to understand it. Do not spread your attention on the numerous tournaments and federations. It’s better to determine which athletes you’ll gamble on, so you may get to know them better. Emotions are important too, if you sympathize with some sportsman or, on the contrary, feel antipathy, refrain from staking on this participant.

So is wrestling betting worth trying or not?

For sure, it is. Don’t mind and start today. This occupation gives a heap of benefits, such as good emotions – intrigue and staginess (you will be completely involved in the process), practice (this way you may analyze a lot, thus make some ‘brainstorm’) and get extras. Just make a pre-fight preparation and study the field. Gambling on this sport is easier and more comprehensible, than you may think. So don’t hesitate and start gaining!