Are you a new fan of pro wrestling and not familiar with the rules of our events? Here's a breakdown of what to expect from our competitors in and out of the ring.


[a] Unless noted, holds and maneuvers derived from amateur wrestling, mixed martial arts and kick-boxing are permitted, including closed-fist strikes.

[b] These actions, whether intended or unintended, may result in immediate disqualification at the discretion of the contest official: attacking an opponent before the opening bell has sounded or after the final bell has sounded; interference by individuals outside the ring area; threatening, intimidating or interfering with a referee; use of any foreign object, including the ring barricade and ring posts; holding the ropes, hair or articles of clothing to gain a competitive advantage; choking; clawing; biting; eye gouging; and groin punches of any kind.

[c] All contests shall be confined to within the roped ring area. Maneuvers, holds or pinfall attempts that intentionally or unintentionally place a competitor against corner turnbuckles or ring ropes shall be interrupted by the referee.

[e] All matches are designated with a 30-minute time limit unless specified prior to the match. If no winner is determined by the end of the time limit, the contest will be declared a draw.

[f] Special rules and exceptions may be assigned to a match following consent of each authorized competitor, the referee assigned to the contest, and/or Nashville Pro Wrestling management.

[g] Failure to strictly abide by all rules set forth in written and/or verbal form by Nashville Pro Wrestling shall result in a written and/or verbal reprimand following the first offense. Repeated or extreme violations may result in suspension from Nashville Pro Wrestling events at the discretion of management.

[h] The contest official shall have the authority to rule on any situation not specifically covered by existing Nashville Pro Wrestling rules.


[a] All competitors are required to wear proper gear, which may include professional wrestling footwear or boots, wrestling trunks, singlets, MMA-style shorts or competition-style tights. Additionally, MMA-style gloves, handwraps, mouthpieces, elbow pads and knee pads are permitted. Other gear, apparel and jewelry is subject to approval by the contest official.


All matches shall end at the referee's discretion by one of the following verdicts:

[a] Pinfall • A competitor's shoulders are pinned to the mat for a three-second count by the referee.

[b] Submission • A competitor verbally and/or physically indicates his or her submission.

[c] Disqualification • A competitor is removed from the contest because of flagrant rules violations.

[d] Count-out • A competitor is outside the ring area for 10 consecutive seconds or is unable to stand upright in the ring for 10 consecutive seconds.

[e] Forfeit • A competitor is not present in his assigned corner at the start of the contest.

[f] Technical knockout • A competitor is declared unfit to continue in the bout.

[g] Interference • A competitor is disqualified as a result of illegal actions taken on his behalf by individuals inside or outside the ring.

[h] Time limit • The specified time limit expires before a winner is determined.


[a] The referee assigned to each match will be responsible for the enforcement of all rules and is authorized to stop a contest, disqualify an opponent or render a decision at any time. The designated referee is the only individual authorized to start and stop a contest.


[a] Because the safety of fans and competitors is our highest priority, physical contact between participating wrestlers and spectators is forbidden immediately before, during and immediately after a contest.

[b] Spectators must remain behind designated safety barriers or marked areas and are prohibited from throwing items into the ring and ring area.

[c] Nashville Pro Wrestling and its authorized representatives reserve the right to refuse entry of and/or remove patrons who endanger other patrons, staff members or wrestlers.

[d] Nashville Pro Wrestling and its representatives shall not be held liable for injuries to spectators who do not strictly adhere to posted and/or announced safety requirements.

[e] Food and beverages at all Nashville Pro Wrestling events may be dispensed only by authorized and insured personnel and may not be brought from outside the venue. No coolers or other beverage or food containers are allowed.

[f] Smoking is not allowed inside Nashville Pro Wrestling venues or near entrances and exits.

[g] Other items in the judgment of management or security staff that pose a safety hazard or diminish the enjoyment of the event by other patrons will be forbidden, including all firearms, knives and other weapons.


[a] No unauthorized personnel will be allowed to enter designated locker room areas or gather at or near the entrance to those areas.

[b] Locker room rules regarding behavior and etiquette will be shared with participants and staff prior to each Nashville Pro Wrestling event and will be strictly enforced.

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