Are you a professional wrestler who has what it takes to compete with the best Flightweight Division™ athletes in the world? E-mail us here for information on booking and openings.


The Flightweight Division™ is a cruiserweight-style class and a signature element of Nashville Pro Wrestling live events. The highlight for competitors in the division is the inaugural Flightweight Cup™, a one-night tournament-style event that will crown its first champion on a date to be determined.


The class is open to any professional wrestler weighing 210 pounds or less who has demonstrated a superior level of agility, technique and athleticism in recognized organizations worldwide.


This event is designed to showcase the most exciting Flightweight Division™ wrestlers from around the world with a mix of lucha libre, American strong-style and Japanese styles, among others. The format will feature a series of three-man contests, with the winner of each scheduled to meet in a final match to determine the Flightweight Cup™ champion. The final date will be announced.

Our May 24, 2013, event at the Old Hickory Community Center featured the first Flightweight Cup™ qualifying matches, with the winners guaranteed a spot in the final Flightweight Cup™ event. Qualifiers were Kyle O'Reilly, who won a three-person match over Antonio Garza and Shawn Shultz; and Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful, who won a special-stipulation tag-team match over three other teams.

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